Treasure Hunt: Release Emotions to Find Joy

Energy Work has allowed me to move from feeling stressed about all my time obligations to capably managing all the moving parts of my life.  When I utilize The Emotion and Body Code System it feels to me just like following a treasure map! With each session I am able to uncover old or newly trapped emotions for myself, family or clients, then as I release them we start feeling less pain physically and recharged emotionally and mentally.  The end result leads to greater balance, which brings more joy!

Like most people, my days get packed out regularly. I am sure you can relate to wearing many hats and caring for many people and jobs. My work before learning this new profession is still part of my daily schedule, so taking care of my 91-year-old Father’s vital and important needs, driving multiple school bus routes as a substitute CDL driver, caring for home and family as a wife and mother and now, new work.  This includes continued education for certifications as an Energy Healing Practitioner, launching and marketing an online business and building my beautiful website, working with wonderful new clients and additionally fitting in self-care.  I am so truly thankful to my new found passion, as it has allowed me to manage all of the above with more grace. I am actually able to create a synergistic flow to move through the daily tasks and pressures that pop up. It is incredible to feel more effective and efficient and also lighter, freer, and happier.

Over the past fifteen months I have found remarkable relief from both physical pain and also Anxiety Disorder.  I will share actual issues and emotional releases from my own personal session notes to give you a glimpse into how this all works and the real benefits I have experienced using The Emotion Code. To clarify the level of improvement Practitioners use the Patient Pain Scale to be able to understand results from before to after Energy Healing work is performed. According to WebMD “Everyone feels pain differently. Some people have conditions that should cause great pain, but don’t. Others have no sign of a physical problem, but are in great pain. Your level of chronic pain can’t be assessed in a scientific test or screening. To help compensate for this problem, many doctors rely on pain scales to get a more concrete sense of a person’s pain.” You have probably seen a pain scale in your doctor’s office before, so you will note the marked improvement I experienced, in a very short time.

Following are a few of my early Session Notes to show progress made in these areas during four sessions when I started in late 2017:

  • #1 – Lower Back Pain – Level 8 down to a 1
  • #2 – Neck Pain – Level 8 down to a 2
  • #3 – Anxiety Disorder – Level 9 down to a 2
  • #4 – Shoulder & Neck Pain – Level 9 down to a 2

11/18/17 – Practitioner Comments:  Issue #1 – Lower Back Pain – Grief – Newly starting out while reading The Emotion Code book, I asked if emotion ready for release. A very clear answer of “Yes” from muscle testing, found was trapped at age 31, trapped in hips, actually found large dense Grief, Energy was trapped in Nov. 1990.

11/18/17 – My Comments:  Grief – Nov. ’90, makes sense, I’d chosen to end another relationship, this recent break-up was one of many failed relationships with poorly matched men for a decade.  I was very disappointed, hurt and emotionally distraught about all of these difficult series of relationships.   Happily, I met my dear husband and soulmate the very next month, we’ve been married for 28 years now. I was surprised this had been trapped that long, but I had severe trouble with both of my pregnancies and deliveries, probably due to this massive energy.  My hips had felt bound and made walking/moving difficult.  About 20 minutes after this first session, both my husband and I heard a loud pop and I felt an instant physical release in my hips and lower spine area that freed up my hips and has made my entire spine feel “normal” again. My walking gait is easier now than it has been for the past 27 years!  I literally felt a huge relief of chronic pain!

(Now: This is still true now and I can dance and shake my body, when before I looked and felt like this area was fused together and had no flexibility.  I find this exciting and rewarding every time I think about it. )

11/28/17 – Practitioner Comments: Issue #2 – Neck Pain – Despair – I asked if emotion ready for release. A very clear answer of “Yes” from muscle testing. Despair – trapped Age 51, part of Heart Wall, actually trapped in Feb. 2011

11/28/17 – My Comments: Issue #2 – Neck Pain – Despair – I was feeling utterly trapped in a bad job with a horrible boss, and I had never quit a job before.  Both of my parents were in very poor health and I was forbidden to even talk to them from work on my own cell phone. It was a despicable position.  I definitely felt Despair!

(Now: It is so wonderful to have released that.)

12/01/17 – Practitioner Comments:  Issue #3 –  Anxiety Disorder – Nervousness –   Nervousness – trapped Age 52, June/July 2012 – felt trapped in my nervous system, this was from intuition, seems to be throughout my body.  (Interestingly this was before I got the online course for Emotion Code or Body Code System and learned about Emotional Resonances that do resonate throughout the Body’s Energetic Field. )

12/01/17 – My Comments:  Issue #3 – Anxiety Disorder – Nervousness – This feels so right!  I was having panic attacks wake me with symptoms of heart attack, very severe.  I was in summer school finishing my college degree online.  The subject material was very emotionally challenging, I found myself having to relive old situations during business failures for my husband’s and my Trucking & MLM business failures, then two bad jobs with horrible bosses, as part of a thesis required in a Business Management Course.  At age 52, I wanted to achieve a 4.0 when I returned to finish my degree.  I did get my 4.0 while caring for my aging parents, but I also wound up with Anxiety Disorder.  In 2012, I went to the Doctor and was diagnosed quickly and treated with anti-depressants that made me feel as if I could only move at half-speed in a full-speed world. I hated this feeling and got off the prescription after the first two weeks and pursued alternative healthy remedies instead – See below.

(Now:  I cannot tell you how much it means to me to be able to release trapped negative emotions and improve my health and mental/emotional stability. Energy healing is truly a gift to me and those with whom I get to share it!)

12/10/17 – Practitioner Comments: Issue #4 – Shoulder and Neck Pain – Hopelessness – Part of Heart Wall, which is not ready for release at this time – Trapped at Age 38 – Had to do with earlier business difficulties/eventual failure.

12/10/17 – My Comments: Issue #4 – Shoulder and Neck Pain – Hopelessness – Part of Heart Wall – Very difficult time with my husband’s trucking business, too many unreliable employees wrecking our trucks, major money problems, unbelievable stress! Hopelessness feels accurate for that era of my life. (Later I learned I could release more trapped emotions in sessions)

(Now:  I am still so happy to have released that painful time from my psyche, It no longer feels like a heavy weight or burden on my shoulders.)

I remember vividly the many times in the Fall of 2012, when panic attacks woke me from a sound sleep, feeling for all the world like I was having a heart attack!  I kept vacillating with bouts of fear, wondering if I should call for an ambulance to rush me to the hospital, or if I should keep trying to relax or do a guided meditation.  My blood pressure was very good and my heart quite strong, I remember thinking that I should just relax and kept reasoning with myself that it might just be stress. These times were truly scary though. I would finally give up on reasoning by myself and call my husband at 2 or 3 AM while he was asleep or maybe driving, and then explain to him that I knew my emotional stress was probably the cause and maybe I could calm down by just talking to him. This was my last resort, as I knew it was scary to him, too!  I also remember thinking that if I could just figure out how to let go of some of the painful emotional memories I would actually be fine.

In the years before I found The Emotion and Body Code Systems, I relied very heavily on research I found by renowned Integrative Cardiologist, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, which was so helpful.  I learned some great supplements and ways to manage stress, and to address Adrenal Fatigue caused by prolonged Anxiety.    I also learned from Dr. Sinatra’s research that our emotions actually are a risk factor for heart disease:

Our emotions and our stresses are far bigger risk factors for heart disease than we acknowledge them to be. When stressed, the body floods itself with the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Over time, an overdose of these hormones can lead to symptoms such as heart palpitations, ulcers, stroke, or heart attack. So, although we may tell ourselves that we are not as upset as we think we are, our emotions show themselves in other ways. Excerpted from: Emotions: The Hidden Risk Factor for Heart Disease

So, in addition to taking healthy supplements, I implemented walking, guided meditation, and breathing techniques from Dr. Sinatra and also Dr. Andrew Weill to help me manage my stress when it became problematic and anxiety threatened my balance.

Fast forward from 2012 to 2017 and I remember the thought that occurred during the panic attacks before, “that if I could just figure out how to let go of some of the painful emotional memories I would actually be fine?”  Incredibly, that is exactly what I learned that I could do when I first started reading “The Emotion Code” book by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  I read about how “Heart Attack symptoms can be caused by Trapped Emotions.” I read this within the first fifteen pages of the book and I was excited to read on further for the solution.  I read all in the first day and then I proceeded to find I was easily able to do this myself. I quickly proceeded to get the advanced tools and training through The Emotion and Body Code System to release trapped emotions, allowing me to do exactly what I had hoped for those many years before.

At first, I just hoped this amazing process would work for me. Now that I have learned, practiced and experienced this to be reality, it is something I simply must share with the world.  Schedule your complementary session now.

One last thought I wish to share with you is from work which has had substantial influence on The Emotion Code and Body Code Systems created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. I learned more about this valuable work from the Book “Power vs. Force” by Dr. David R Hawkins.  I think this is profound and empowering, exactly the kind of knowledge I wish to share with you, my cherished reader. Please learn to implement and also share the last line.

               The gift of this work to human evolvement is beyond what can be said about it.
               Without a map in hand, the treasure cannot be found.  This pathway is open to all who choose it. We all have different starting points, yet each of us guide the rudder of our future by our own hands. Substantial progress is made, Dr. Hawkins suggests, by practicing any true principle, such as:
“Be kind and forgiving to everything and everyone, including yourself, at all times without exception.”

Sources included:
  • Bradley Nelson, DC. ,The Emotion Code.
  • Hawkins, David R. Power vs. Force: an Anatomy of Consciousness. The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. Hay House, Inc., 2012.
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Joy Harris, CECP, BS (NMSU) Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, 25 years of experience & training in Nutritional Wellness, Kinesiology, Elder & Childcare – Bachelor of Science Degree in Individualized Studies with focused learning in Community Health, Educational Psychology and Human Resources My own experience with the Emotion Code has been amazing! I like being a Fixer/Facilitator! Using the Emotion Code helps People feel better, function better and live happier lives. I love this work! It makes the world a better place and brings me great joy!


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  1. I love Joy’s work. She is an amazing healer with big heart and dedication to help and serve. I was so excited about being able to release trapped emotions so effortlessly, when I first watched Dr. Nelson’s video. As a marriage and family therapist in training, I know the importance of attending to our stored negative emotions for greater mental health and overall health. And Emotion Code really got my attention. After working with Joy a few sessions, I feel like a new person! My partner has been amazed at my progress and he’s getting really curious about this. I feel immediate and overall affect after my healing sessions, to mention a few, I feel lighter, more loving, less overwhelmed, more grounded and content, more enthusiastic to get things done, the list goes on and on. I am so grateful for Joy, she’s so knowledgeable and provide such wonderful healing. Totally recommend her!!!