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Energy is Everything

Release blocks & imbalances in fastest and easiest way possible.
Live healthier, happier and lighter.

Unlock the Secret to being Happy

Release your Trapped Emotions

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a gentle, non-invasive and effective Energy Healing System. Your certified practitioner will assist you virtually in identifying and releasing your Trapped Emotions
with this rapid 4-step system that will help resolve physical and emotional distress. Do you think you might have trapped emotions? Do you have depression, anxiety or numbed emotions?

The Body Code

The Body Code™ is an Energy Balancing System with Interactive Body Mapping Software that will help you restore balance in mind and body from your first session. With the Body Code, we can learn the root causes of virtually any imbalance in your body, which we will energetically release thus allowing your body to restore vitality right away. This Energy Balancing work is performed at a distance through Virtual Energy Sessions with your certified practitioner.

Joy Harris ~ Certified Practitioner


  • The Emotion Code™ and Body Code™ certified
  • 23 years of experience in Muscle Testing /Applied Kinesiology,
  • 35 years in Nutritional Wellness, Elder & Childcare
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Health, Educational Psychology & Humanities

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Bring transformative Energy Healing to the World ~ Helping people, animals, and corporations thrive with Virtual Sessions.

Client Stories

Berline Williams

“Not only did I experience some
healing both spiritual and physical,
after one of our sessions together
I had a marvelous life-changing
experience where I was truly able
to heal some past hurt.”


Kor Battsooj

“… my 9-month-old was having
insomnia and having trouble
sleeping more than 20 mins at a
time. After Joy worked on her, she
slept for 4 hours straight the very
same day.”


Michele Byrd

“Sessions with Joyful Energy Heals
are amazing. We always seem to
work through exactly what I need
to at that moment in time. I
always leave feeling better than
when we start.”


Darlene Miller

“Joy is such a loving, warm, fun woman. Even though I have only spent a few virtual hours with her, I can tell that she is an amazing human with a beautiful soul.”