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The First Wealth is Health ~ Emerson

About Joy

Hello, and thank you for coming here to meet me! I am an upbeat, happy person and have always been heart-led. My nature is solution-oriented and analytical, consequently I enjoy researching the best solution to help people to thrive. I believe in the possible!

A dear friend introduced me to the Emotion and Body Code system briefly, so I bought the Emotion Code Book to learn more . . . what I found in the book was a profound and beautiful system of Energy Healing. I have used muscle testing for more than 20 years, therefore when I learned more about this simple, yet exciting healing method, I found I was in my element, as if I was coming home. I simply took to the Emotion Code like a swan to a lake!

My own experience with the Emotion Code has been astonishing! I have been able to erase Anxiety Disorder and eliminate chronic back pain of 27 years! Next, I was able to help my 90 year-old Dad, who was in a really difficult situation. He had become quite debilitated by fear in the Hospital following Hip Surgery. Later, undergoing Physical Rehabilitation he worsened and became completely lost in Delirium. In fact, he did not walk for 17 days. Utilizing the Emotion Code, I was able to find and then facilitate the release of many trapped emotions — Two amazing results occurred that very day – the Delirium completely cleared and my Father was finally able to start walking with his Physical Therapists. Incredible relief poured in from all angles!

Joy Harris

Certified Body Code & Emotion Code Practitioner + Bachelor of Science in Community Health & Educational Psychology + 25-35 years Kinesiology, Nutritional Wellness, Child & Elder Care Experience + EMPI Insured Practitioner

I have always liked helping people to solve their issues! Using the Emotion Code method allows people to feel better, function better and live happier lives. I love this work — It makes the world a better place and brings me great joy!

After I fully learned the complete Emotion Code method and received my certification as a practitioner, I honestly felt this was the exact thing for which I had long been searching! I felt the Emotion Code empowered me to get clear answers to questions I had been asking my whole life.

When putting this into practice during Certification sessions, I found the inspiring teachings made me more effective at targeting trapped emotion. This also elevated my capacity to facilitate the much needed release. This special energy healing solution makes me feel lighter than air, like a hummingbird, flitting around to the beautiful flowers and empowering them to live more fully, just as I will do with you.

I love people, animals and nature — I have always liked helping people and I believe that we’re all supposed to thrive. If you want to be happy and you also want to help your family live strong and fulfilling lives, less stress and more bliss, then you will enjoy working with me!

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