Available Sessions

Available Sessions

Book a session for yourself, your loved ones or your pets. The focus of our healing work will be decided in our Initial Consultation Session; please see below the section “Suggested Topics to Work on” for having some idea on what to focus if you would like. Expect to spare around 60 minutes for each session, it can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of the receiver. All sessions are held in Zoom Video Meetings.

Initial Consultation

Emotion Code & Body Code
$ 87
  • 40+ Minutes Session
  • Discovering your most important issue
  • Initial release of trapped emotions
  • Talking about the next steps

Single Session

Emotion Code & Body Code
$ 133
  • 60+ Minutes Session
  • Working on your issue
  • Releasing imbalances within the body, mind/energy field.

Bundle Session

Emotion Code & Body Code
$ 354
  • Three 60+ Minutes Sessions
  • Releasing imbalances within the body, mind/energy field on the issue
  • 5 days between, finish within 90 days.

Suggested Topics to Work on

You can focus on the issues below or come up with your most important issue. Here are some of the suggestions to give you an idea:

Free Group Healing Workshop

Emotion Code™ & Body Code™

Joyful Energy Heals invites you to join Joy Harris as she explains the Emotion Code™ Energy Healing Method and shows the Body Code™ Mind Mapping system. This is a Group Session of Remote Energy Work ~ LIVE!

Learn how this gentle yet profound Energy Healing system works and then experience it for yourself in this Group Healing Session via Zoom Video Meeting.

Gift a Session

If you would like to gift a session for your loved one or for someone in need, please click on the button below and make your selection from available sessions. If you have any questions please write us here: joy@joyfulenergyheals.com